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Data table
alphabetical Title
Anderson, S. Curt Associate 412-297-4624
Antin, Jason A. Associate 412-297-4761
Bender, Marshall P. Associate 239-444-1812
Berkey, Jeffrey T. Associate 412-297-4869
Bonaccorsi, John L. Associate 412-297-4691
Buchanan, Lindsay M. Associate 412-297-4766
Crossett, Lauren M. Associate 412-297-4750
DeSantis, Angela C. Associate 412-297-4725
Delo, Emilie B. Associate 412-297-4738
Doyle, Eugene "Buddy" Associate 412-297-4786
Dukes, Michael E. Associate 412-297-4770
Farkosh, Gabrielle E. Associate 412-297-4726
Ferraro, Alex P. Associate 412-297-4787
Foster, Johnathan H. Associate 412-297-4795
Gdovin, Kelsey J. Associate 412-297-4797
Gespass, Daniel J. Associate 412-297-4733
Handy, Alicia A. Associate 412-297-4645
Harrer, Cezanne S. Associate 412-297-4727
Hill, Lucy E. Associate 412-297-4719
Lacey, Alex M. Associate 412-297-4642
Laing, Lauren E. Associate 412-297-4788
Linz, Rebeca F. Associate 239-444-1813
Mangold, Jr., Jay R. Associate 412-297-4732
Molinero, Sarah Associate 412-297-4683
Moximchalk, Mitchell J. Associate 412-297-4789
Olson, Eric S. Associate 239-444-1848
Patter, Julie A. Associate 412-297-4643
Ruperto, Carsen N. Associate 412-297-4675
Salvatori, Maria C. Associate 412-297-4704
Santoro, Joseph R. Associate 412-297-4798
Shelton, Robyn A. Associate 412-297-4610
Sikuta, Susan Nesbet Associate 239-444-1837
Soehl, Thomas H. Associate 412-297-4902
Uhler, Nicholas E. Associate 412-297-4728
Weinbaum, Matthew A. Associate 412-297-4791
Crombie, Patricia B. Certified Public Accountant 412-297-4813
Elliott, Jack W. Chairman & Director 412-297-4859
Cohen, Charles C. Chairman Emeritus 412-297-4900
Finkelstein, Megan Customs & Trade Consultant 412-297-4846
Andrykovitch, Ronald J. Director 412-297-4936
Aulbach, Ronald T. Director 412-297-4751
Baseman, Mark I. Director 412-297-4956
Bohme, Ingrid A. Director 412-297-4615
Brendel, John S. Director 412-297-4987
Brodbeck, Charles R. Director 412-297-4982
Brown, James B. Director 412-297-4907
Castrodale, Alexander R. Director 412-297-4712
Cheung, Noland J. Director 412-297-4837
Chiafullo, James D. Director 412-297-4831
Chiu, Bruce H. Director 412-297-4933
Cillo, Anthony Director 412-297-4974
Clark, Matthew H. Director 412-297-4606
Cohen, Henry C. Director 239-390-1903
Cook, V. Susanne Director 412-297-4741
Cottington, Robert B. Director 412-297-4677
Dana, Michael G. Director 239-444-1833
Davies, Christopher N. Director 239-444-1835
DeRosa, Paul J. Director 412-297-4821
Dougherty, Melissa L. Director 412-297-4686
Dougherty, Michael J. Director 412-297-4808
Drabecki, J. Katherine Director 412-297-4628
Ejzak, Richard A. Director 412-297-4876
Elliott, Larry K. Director 412-297-4962
Faeth, Valerie S. Director 412-297-4951
Farrell, Christopher F. Director 412-297-4841
Flowers, Andrew T. Director 412-297-4835
Gabler, Bruce G. Director 412-297-4805
Gardner, Jennifer M. Director 412-297-4619
Garrett, Lisa L. Director 412-297-4667
Gerstnecker, Amanda R. Director 412-297-4757
Goncz, Samuel J. Director 412-297-4810
Graham, Scott C. Director 412-297-4735
Greenland, Brandon T. Director 412-297-4620
Hajek, Joshua A. Director 239-444-1832
Hanson, Morgan J. Director 412-297-4996
Harkins, Kevin C. Director 412-297-4938
Hilfiker, Alan F. Director 239-444-1845
Iverson, Kelly K. Director 412-297-4838
Jacobs, Katie R. Director 412-297-4609
Jordan, Maureen R. Director 412-297-4809
Kalson, David J. Director 412-297-4975
Kelleher Jr., William E. Director 412-297-4703
Kirkpatrick, Thad D. Director 239-390-1912
Korn, Jason Hunter Director 239-390-1914
Lamperski, Blaine A. Director 412-297-4614
Lebowitz, Lawrence M. Director 412-297-4979
Levine, Clifford B. Director 412-297-4998
Linn, Robert M. Director 412-297-4877
Loukonen, Rachael S. Director 239-444-1824
Lyncheski, John E. Director 412-297-4900
Maher, Andrew C. Director 412-297-4758
Maloney, PE, Brian P. Director 412-297-4769
Maxson, Thomas D. Director 412-297-4706
May, Mark A. Director 412-297-4699
McKinley, Christina Manfredi Director 412-297-4772
Mieles, Ana María Director 412-297-4834
Mitinger, Alice B. Director 412-297-4652
Myers, Christopher E. Director 412-297-4865
Nevin Jr., Hugh W. Director 239-390-1900
Newman, Eric S. Director 412-297-4730
Normane, Todd L. Director 412-297-4780
Park, Jennifer Sun Director 412-297-4749
Peters, Jeffery D. Director 412-297-4868
Pfeil, C. Eric Director 412-297-4857
Phillips, Matthew T. Director 412-297-4860
Price, Kelley Geraghty Director 239-390-1913
Prorok, Robert F. Director 412-297-4697
Rivera-Johnson, Marie I. Director 412-297-4737
Roman, Andrew M. Director 412-297-4867
Rosen, Richard D. Director 412-297-4927
Russey, David F. Director 412-297-4709
Santilli Jr., Mario Director 412-297-4853
Scharlacken, Lorna J. Director 239-444-1815
Scheib, Barbara A. Director 412-297-4947
Schmerling, Jonathan M. Director 412-297-4908
Shames, Matthew E. Director 412-297-4714
Shrayber, Fridrikh V. Director 412-297-4612
Silverman, Michael E. Director 412-297-4937
Solis, Andrew I. Director 239-213-4047
Stabile, Mark R. Director 412-297-4966
Steiner, Andrea Director 412-297-4736
Taibl, Steven M. Director 412-297-4973
Taxay, William R. Director 412-297-4925
Thel, Christopher G. Director 412-297-4929
Thistle, Scott R. Director 412-297-4953
Tillapaugh, Christie B. Director 412-297-4603
Tolhurst, Frederick L. Director 412-297-4960
Vanneman, Julie Director 412-297-4715
Ward, Helen Sara Director 412-297-4648
Ward, Jeffrey P. Director 412-297-4961
Wingerter, John F. Director 412-297-4981
Winterhalter, Michael D. Director 412-297-4968
Forte, Alexa Director and Workforce Solutions Leader 412-297-4611
Nelson II, Richard R. General Counsel 412-297-4917
Haggerty, James R. Of Counsel 412-297-4616
Heilman, Nancy L. Of Counsel 412-297-4855
Hoehler, Raymond J. Of Counsel 412-297-4743
Johnston III, Henry R. Of Counsel 412-297-4972
Kowach, Kerrin M. Of Counsel 412-297-4663
Rooksby, Jacob H. Of Counsel 412-297-4839
Geary, Ph.D., Lisa E. Patent Agent 412-297-4604
Carson, Christopher B. President and CEO 412-297-4824
Giorgetti, Nello Principal 412-297-4678
Grau, Aaron L. Principal 412-297-4602
Hileman, Kimberly E. Principal 412-297-4657
Turk, Brian N. Principal 412-297-4681
Vescio, Robert A. Principal 412-297-4679
Dewey, Kate R. Senior Advisor 412-297-4861
Darragh, Daniel M. Senior Counsel 412-297-4718
Mehler, Felix Senior Counsel 239-390-1908
Phatak, Nicole L. Senior Counsel 412-297-4649
Paris, Andrew M. Senior Policy Manager 412-297-4625